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We had the idea in December 2006. Doodles turned to mindmaps, which turned into sketches that became prototypes. We started building the current version in January of this year. And we started servicing our first client, The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, in August. Now, finally, the new is live and the Cognician app can say, “Hello world!”

We have a lot of work to do before Cognician is in the shape that we want it to be. And although there are currently bugs, we are satisfied that it can live up to it’s promise to help you think better, further and faster. So please download the app and a few cogs and let us know what you think. There are only six cogs in the store right now, but we’ll be adding loads more in the weeks ahead.

We’ll soon tell you more about the great work we’re doing with the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. And we’re itching to tell you about our newest client too, but that’s still a secret for now.