Cognician is the brainchild of “the Kayton brothers”.

Barry has an eclectic background in English literature, classical civilisation, copywriting, advertising, adult education, edutainment, photography, and instructional design. He brings to the world of education a striking mix of words and images. Patrick has an honours degree in literature and a background in book publishing. He has taught English in the far east, but has worked for most of his career as a writer. His work has appeared in academic journals, newspapers and magazines.

The brothers have developed creative content for learners of all ages. Their materials infuse abstract principles or “deep content” into concrete, visual and interactive materials. Their virtual worlds, fictional characters and interactive educational content have appeared in magazines and in schools throughout South Africa and in schools around the world. Barry and Patrick are educational visionaries and idealists. They find the inefficiencies of conventional education appalling, and the potential of computers and the internet educationally liberating.

Cognician is the culmination of ten years work in the field of instructional design.


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